If you’re looking for a peaceful place to visit away from the busy city, try the Zilker Botanical Garden. The Zilker Botanical Gardens are a beautiful place where guests can walk around and marvel at the lovely flora. This single park contains multiple gardens you can explore, including the Japanese Garden. The Zilker Botanical Garden is in the middle of Austin near downtown, almost like a zen oasis in a bustling desert. You can bring your family to the Zilker Botanical Gardens during various events or to particular areas, like the butterfly trail. In addition to the Japanese Garden are the Butler Window and other features you can explore when you get there.

Gaze at the Dinosaurs

Take a trip to the past in this area of the Zilker Botanical Garden. There are various dinosaur statues set in this part of the rose garden grounds. This section is called the Hartman Prehistoric Garden, and it features the diverse vegetation you would commonly find in the Cretaceous Period. Additionally, you can witness the breathtaking waterfall in the rose garden that is so beautiful that people plan their weddings there. There’s a fascinating history here, as the Hartman Prehistoric Garden came to fruition when someone discovered a dinosaur footprint there. This area is a peaceful place to walk through and explore before you reach the koi-filled ponds.

Varying Events

Sometimes members of official vegetation societies and organizations provide knowledge and entertainment to visitors about the themed gardens. Zilker Botanical Garden has more information about each occasion on the website. Some of these events could be near the koi-filled ponds and are free, but you’d have to pay for others separately from your ticket. Remember, you have to purchase admission online because you can’t do it on location, and you won’t have to buy separate tickets for themed gardens. In addition, there are annual tours and other happenings held often at these gardens by the Austin Area Garden Council. Be sure to check them out, as some of them donate their admissions to select organizations in downtown Austin.

You can expect the spring and summer to have more events than the rest of the year.



It’s fun to walk through the Japanese gardens, but it can be extra fascinating to learn more information about vegetation there. Unfortunately, they’ve limited tours due to health and safety concerns in downtown Austin. For example, a group visiting the herb garden can’t exceed a particular size. If it does, you’d have to split them and arrange for separate Austin, TX tours. Teachers can bring their students with additional chaperones to Zilker Park. Right now, you can’t have more than ten people in a group per Austin, TX tour.


Parking and Other Info

We want to clarify that the Zilker Botanical Garden is a sub-section of the entire Zilker Metropolitan Park. With that said, there are multiple spots where you can park for the garden and the general Zilker Park. Some options are better than others for the botanic garden, but that depends on the circumstances. Visitors will usually pack the main parking lot on days where admission is free for the Taniguchi Japanese Garden or during weekends and events. When that happens, they have a backup option that becomes available on 2300 Stratford Drive that isn’t too far from Barton Springs Rd, Austin. There will be signs to help you find your way to that parking lot, so you can come and see the local dinosaur habitat.


Portable Transportation

That refers to bikes, scooters, and other similar items Austin residents typically use. You can travel to the gardens using portable transportation if you want to have lunch on the picnic tables. The Zilker Botanical Garden in South Austin has areas before you enter where you can secure these articles. However, you can’t bring them inside, whether you’re visiting Heritage Live Oaks or a different area. That includes rentals, though there aren’t any rules for virtual tours. For the safety of the flora and other items in the gardens, the recreation department emphasizes that you can’t ride your bikes and scooters on the trails.


Food and Drinks

You can bring in consumables to the Austin botanical garden, but you can eat them in designated areas; you can’t have meals in the Blacksmith Shop or other select places. You can’t take glass bottles into the gardens with you to prevent the risk of them breaking and shards damaging the sensitive vegetation. Additionally, no one is allowed to bring alcohol, and the park offers no concessions whatsoever. You and your family can have a picnic in Oak Grove unless there are upcoming events. There, visitors will find tables to settle for lunch if there aren’t any other available or preferred locations on 2220 Barton Springs Rd. There might not be empty spots when it’s crowded, but you can walk around and look at the beautiful plants before coming back later.


Are Dogs Allowed?

You can bring your furry companion with you while you enjoy the flowers. They don’t have to be service animals to be allowed to stroll on the grounds. Additionally, make sure that your dog is on a leash before going anywhere near the trails surrounded by flowers. There are some days when you can’t bring your dog for a stroll, specifically during particular events. Please pick up after your four-legged friend when visiting the trails during spring or any other time of year. You should bring along your supplies for that, especially in the summer.

If you have a different pet you want to bring to the trails by the ponds, be sure to contact the staff and ask them. They’ll still most likely accept service animals in their Austin parks that aren’t dogs. Even if your companion is well-behaved around the blooming flora, you need to make sure they’re allowed there in the first place. This location on Barton Springs Rd, Austin might have particular limitations due to other current regulations. There aren’t any animals on their land that would be a threat to your pet besides the companions other guests could bring. This attraction is a great place to walk your dog because of the beautiful plants and the peaceful setting.

Austin Botanical Garden – Getting in

The Zilker Botanical Garden is 25 acres of vast vegetation and various sections. If you’re getting worn down by the excitement of the city, this jewel of an attraction would be a relaxing shift to your busy life. You must make reservations to see the waterfalls and other areas, though. There are limitations to how many people can visit this jewel of the Zilker Metropolitan Park at once for social distancing purposes. When you get your spot, they’ll let you and your kids in at the designated time guaranteed. Those who happen to visit the Zilker Metropolitan Park here in Texas should give this garden a look.

Dallas is the sort of city which has it all – tradition and modernity, education and culture. It is home to some of the most extraordinary museums, capturing the Holocaust, aviation history, the art scene, and more.

You can explore the arts, or delve into key historic moments of our past and see how a city comes to terms with tragedy after the assassination of President John F Kennedy.

Read on to see why you should visit Dallas, and all of the many exhibitions, sculpture parks, and galleries that are on offer.  If you are visiting, check out our Dallas Corporate Rentals or Dallas Furnished apartments today.

Why visit Dallas?

Dallas is an up-and-coming city in Texas – it has managed to hold onto its roots while embracing change, making this a city that has something for everyone.

Dallas is packed full of activities for all the family, offering the most exciting museum trips and beautiful green spaces to explore.

The Best Museums in Dallas, Texas

We have collated the best museums that Dallas has to offer for you to explore. From art to science and to aviation, there is sure to be something for everybody. Have a look at our list and see what you find.

1. The Sixth Floor Museum

In 1963, the course of history was changed forever when Lee Harvey Oswald took that fatal shot that assassinated President John F Kennedy. Now, this area in Dealey Plaza, near Downtown Dallas, has been made into a museum.

The sixth Floor takes its visitors back to the 1960s, and what political movements were taking place. It then focuses on 1963, where you can explore the final days of JFK’s presidency, how events of November 1963 transpired, and the initial aftermath of the shooting.

You will also be able to spot a replica of Lee Harvey Oswald’s sniper and his perch, a no doubt unnerving yet insightful experience for all who go.

2. The Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Designed by Thom Mayne, the architecture of this museum will mesmerize you before you’ve even walked through the door.

It is home to a variety of exhibits, from engineering to stargazing, and is a great day out for all the family. It takes you through natural history and science, in a way that is easy to navigate and enjoyable.

3. The African American Museum

This underrated African American museum is a celebration of modern and contemporary art, along with a series of lectures and talks on offer about slavery and civil rights.

The African American museum displays a wonderful collection of cultural materials, with insightful events put on for its visitors. It is great for an intimate and focused experience, where you are able to delve into African American folk art and history.

4. The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

The Dallas Holocaust museum was founded by survivors from the Holocaust in 1984 and is used to educate those who visit it on genocide, how we have come to terms with the past, and how human rights issues are dealt with in present day.

It ensures an insightful, yet sobering experience, through its display of artifacts used during the Holocaust alongside testimonies of those who lived through it.

5. Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art is one of the best art museums Texas has to offer. It is one of the biggest in the US, with collections including, but not limited to European, Contemporary, African, and Asian art.

Home to a great deal of European artwork, in particular, the collections of the Dallas Museum of Art are sure to amaze any visitor. This museum is central to the Dallas Arts District, a hub of culture and creativity, and various other museums for you to enjoy.

6. The Dallas Contemporary

The Dallas Contemporary Art Museum is void of all pomp and pretension but instead is filled with exhibits ranging from the bizarre and unnerving, to the exciting and enlightening.

Best of all, this museum is free, so it is the best way to get lost for an afternoon without spending money.

7. The Frontiers of Flight Museum

Just steps away from the Love Field airport is the Frontiers of Flight Museum – a perfect place to let your inner aviation nerd fly as you explore the aircraft, galleries, and get lost in aviation history.

The Frontiers of Flight museum is suited for aircraft lovers and those new to the world of aviation alike, and there is sure to be something for everyone.

8. Meadows Museum

This particular museum can be found on the campus of Southern Methodist University and is home to great collections of Spanish art.

The exhibitions on offer here range from the likes of Picasso and El Greco, as well as many less well-known sculptors that will be sure to impress any visitor to the Meadows Museum.

9. Crow Museum of Asian Art

The Crow Museum is home to a great collection of Asian art from Japanese paintings and the jades of China, gathered by Trammell Crow from his travels throughout Asia.

The galleries are placed in a beautiful setting, and lets you gaze at the Seated Daoist Deity fountain as you pass between them.

10. The Nasher Sculpture Center

The Nasher Sculpture Center displays a permanent collection of Henry Matisse nudes, alongside various other collections and exhibitions which change occasionally throughout the year.

A range of artwork can be seen at the Center, from drawing to architecture and more. Wandering around the scenic sculpture garden is a wonderful way to spend a day in the sun.

Dallas is up and coming as one of the most interesting and dynamic cities for travelers of the United States to visit, providing fascinating museums, a wide variety of architecture, shopping centers, and beautiful art collections.

Here, we have collated all of the most fun and exciting things to do in Dallas, Texas, so you know how to make the most of your city trip.

Why visit Dallas?

Dallas has so much to offer travelers. If you’re looking for the old-fashioned ‘Dallas experience’, the classic trademarks of Texas are not going anywhere soon and you’ll have no trouble finding steakhouses and barbecue restaurants- but if you’re seeking something more modern, large parts of Dallas have been reinvented to fit everybody’s tastes.

The 15 Funnest Things To Do In Dallas

1. Check out the Nasher Sculpture Center

This collection of modern art opened in 2003 and will take you through the history of sculpture. It’s right at the center of the Dallas Art District and thrives with creativity and beauty.

2. Then cross the road to the Dallas Museum of Art!

Just steps away from the Nasher Sculpture Centre is the Dallas Museum of Art, which will take you all the way from the antiquity period to contemporary, including each trend and name you could think of.

This is one of the largest art museums in the United States, so it’s well worth a visit for all travelers who come to Dallas.

3. White Rock Lake

White Rock is only minutes away from Downtown Dallas, providing you with a beautiful green space after a busy day in the city.

It’s perfect for renting paddle boards or kayaks to play about on the water, or if you fancy wandering the 9.33-mile walk around the lake.

4. Go on a walking tour through the Dallas Arts District

There are plenty of attractions to feast your eyes on in the Arts District of Dallas, but perhaps you don’t know where to start, or you don’t wish to miss anything.

There are walking tours on offer, usually about 90 minutes long so you are able to get a little taste of everything.

5. Learn something at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science

This strange and magnificent building was designed by Thom Mayne and is a great attraction for all travelers who have come to Dallas. Inside are interactive activities for all the family, following themes of earth science, technology, and more.

If you want to pack a bit of education into your trip, the Perot Museum is the place for you.

6. Wander around Klyde Warren Park

Klyde Warren Park is already one of the top most popular green spots in Dallas, despite having only opened in 2012.

It has been incorporated into the Arts area and is known for the variety of activities it has to offer – from restaurants to parks, to live performances on its stage.

7. Spend the day at Dallas Zoo

A trip to the Dallas Zoo is a great way to spend the day with the family, and it offers spectacles to any Texas traveler.

Particular highlights are the Giants of the Savanna, as well as the Wilds of Africa Adventure Safari which takes its travelers on a mile-long monorail past habitats of Kenya, Ethiopia, and more.

8. Visit the Sixth Floor Museum

Dealey Plaza is home to what was formerly the Texas School Book Depository, where Lee Harvey Oswald took his fatal shot that assassinated President Kennedy.

Now, it has been converted into a museum that takes you back to that time; the final days of JFK’s time as President, and the aftermath of the shooting. Though a more sobering experience than trips to Dallas Zoo, a visit to the Museum is certainly not one to be missed.

9. Pay your respects at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza

Just beyond Dealey Plaza, you will be able to find the JFK Memorial. This imposing structure was designed by Philip Johnson and is close to a cenotaph in resemblance.

It is certainly worth a visit to see how the city of Dallas has commemorated the fatal shooting of 1963.

10. Unwind at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Within minutes of Downtown Dallas, you could find yourself as one of the loveliest green spaces Dallas has to offer.

There 66 acres of gardens boasting of the most beautiful flowers for you to explore. If you find yourself in Dallas from February to April, go to the Arboretum to enjoy the Dallas Blooms, where you can see thousands of tulips blossoming in the spring.

11. Grab some fresh produce at Dallas Farmers Market

You will find this Farmers Market in Downton Dallas, where you will be able to indulge in fresh produce, snacks, meat, and scrumptious meals any day of the week.

12. Marvel at the famous Reunion Tower

The Reunion Tower (one of the most famous landmarks in Dallas) is made up of four towering shafts that is topped with a stunning dome, which can be seen far and wide when it is lit up at night.

In just one 68 seconds elevator ride, you can find yourself gazing across the Dallas skyline from the GeO-Deck.

13. Indulge in some retail therapy

Dallas has numerous shopping destinations on offer for all travelers wanting to get some retail therapy. The North Park Shopping Center offers a premium experience with luxury stores and everyday retailers.

14. Check out Pioneer Plaza

This plaza is a must-see, as it offers the largest bronze monument in the world, and is one of the best works of art to capture what might have been seen along the old Shawnee Trail.

15. Visit Fort Worth

Once a cowboy town, Fort Worth is now a bustling city with many tourist attractions! If you’re planning on going to Dallas, it’s always worth taking a trip over if your schedule permits it.

From rodeo events to museums and botanical gardens, there’s something for everyone!

Staying in Dallas?

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Our Top 10 San Diego Attractions


Whether you plan to be in San Diego for a short-term vacation or long-term stay, this beautiful “city by the bay” packs plenty of history and fun activities for everyone. Check out our top 10 San Diego attractions here.


1. San Diego Zoo


The San Diego Zoo is not only one of the top tourist attractions in San Diego but the entire state of California. Esteemed worldwide for its conservation efforts, this famous zoo spreads across 1,200 beautifully landscaped acres teeming in 800 species of animals. See exotic animals up close, watch a cheetah run at high speeds, mingle among lemurs, and walk through an aviary. You can experience the zoo by taking a tram tour or a hot air balloon ride.


2. Beaches


Miles of alluring beaches present another of San Diego’s top attractions. Beachgoers of all ages can enjoy water activities such as swimming, surfing, kayaking, boating, scuba diving, and whale watching. Some of the best beaches include La Jolla Shores, Del Mar, Coronado Beach, Silver Strand and Mission Beach where you’ll find a lively boardwalk and waterfront cafes. Find rentals nearby the beaches or downtown to relax during your visit to San Diego.


3. Balboa Park


Even if Balboa Park were the only place you visited in San Diego, you’d still be able to see several of the city’s popular attractions because this expansive area contains highlights like the San Diego Zoo, Museum of Man, Museum of Natural History, and the Old Globe Theatre. You can also wander around botanical gardens or explore hiking and biking trails. A variety of shopping and dining opportunities are available here as well.


4. Old Town Historic Park


Visit the Old Town State Historic Park for a time-travel experience into San Diego during the 1800s. You’ll see recreated and historic buildings, including Native American adobes. Watch people at work in a blacksmith shop and browse museums and art studios. Shop for handmade crafts and enjoy a bite to each at vibrant restaurants while listening to live Mexican music.


5. Cabrillo National Monument


A visit to San Diego’s Point Loma and the Cabrillo National Monument provides you with amazing views, outdoor recreation and local and national history. Displays around the monument explain how the Spanish explorer, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, arrived in San Diego Bay in 1542 and became the first European to explore what is now known as the West Coast of the United States. Nearby, you can visit a historic lighthouse, hike along scenic trails, or watch for dolphins and whales.


6. Gaslamp Quarter National District


If you’re looking for nightlife attractions in San Diego, the Gaslamp Quarter National District is the place. Located downtown next to the Convention Center and Petco Park, this historic district of restored Victorian buildings is buzzing with a wide variety of shops, art galleries, restaurants, clubs, dive bars, and entertainment venues. Just taking a walk along this sixteen-block zone and checking out all the lights, sights and music is reward enough.


7. Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum


Along San Diego’s lively Embarcadero, you’ll find one of the most visited aircraft carrier museums on the globe, the USS Midway Museum. Retired in 1992, the Midway served for nearly 50 years as one of the military’s largest aircraft carrier ships. A self-guided audio tour takes you from stern to stern through 60 exhibits that include the office, galley, engine room, sleeping quarters and impressive aircraft vehicles. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try out a flight simulator.


8. Sea World


When in San Diego, you cannot miss a visit to SeaWorld, one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. This marine-life park introduces children and adults alike to creatures of the ocean through dazzling shows and live demonstrations that include killer whales, dolphins, walruses, sea lions, and penguins. There are also plenty of thrilling rides for everyone such as the Journey to Atlantis flume ride, the Electric Eel, and the Shipwreck Rapids river ride.


9. Petco Park


Home of the MLB San Diego Padres, this amazing baseball park is a great way to spend an afternoon. Not only can you catch an exciting major league baseball game here, but you can also take a guided tour to learn about the history of the park and visit the press box, private luxury suite, the Padres Hall of Fame and more. Even if you’re not into baseball, this ballpark also hosts soccer, rugby, and golf matches as well as motor crosses, monster truck shows and concerts.


10. Little Italy


Little Italy is a San Diego experience you don’t want to miss. This lively neighborhood is your opportunity to see and taste Italy without leaving the country. Wander along streets oozing with delightful architecture and the aromas of authentic Italian foods. Shop art galleries, boutiques and farmer’s markets. Relax in coffee shops, patio cafes, wineries, or have your choice of fine dining, quaint pizzerias or romantic restaurants.


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Our Top 15 Things to do In Austin Texas

There are so many fun places to visit and activities to do in the capital of Texas. You can do multiple in a day, while some can take an entire afternoon. We’re here to give you 15 of the many options you can participate in or visit when you come to Austin.

1. Rent a Bicycle

Sometimes you first want to explore a town and see what it has to offer before deciding where to go. Seeing how Austin is a vast city, walking can take a very long time. That’s why we recommend renting a bike from one of the multiple places in this town.

You can ride in a park with this locomotive and see the sights while giving yourself a workout. It’s convenient and affordable, meaning you don’t have to purchase a brand new bike you only need for a day. There are plenty of bicycling trails you can freely explore independently.


2. Tejano Walking Trail

This strolling path is in the East Caesar Chavez and Holly neighborhoods, known for their strong Hispanic culture. You can give yourself a tour and witness the many sights along the trail. You can walk or ride your bike here and visit the local parks, community murals, and Hispanic-owned businesses in this official National Walking Trail.

The nearby residents put a lot of love into this path, and you can tell by the beautiful artwork you’ll see when you stroll on it.


3. Sandy’s Hamburgers

This restaurant has been around since the 1940s. With an establishment being around that long, they know how to provide good food and services. Sandy’s Hamburgers is an iconic location that’s been serving burgers, fries, and ice cream for generations.

You can order a meal at their drive-thru. Visitors don’t have to have a car to order; you can make requests at their walk-up window. You can tell this restaurant seems to exist in a time capsule because their prices haven’t seemed to change for decades.


4. Virtual Saturday Night Concert Series

You might feel uncomfortable leaving your home often or going to crowded areas, but you can still experience a music concert right in your living room. The Hill Country Galleria hosts virtual shows every Saturday. There will be various music artists performing, and you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot.


5. Auditorium Shores

This area is a mix between a fun park and a sizeable music venue. It has a beautiful view of Austin’s skylines, both day and night. There are both paid and free concerts you can attend with others, though we highly recommend that you come to the park early; that way you won’t have much trouble finding parking.

You can come to this well-known park, lay out a blanket, have a picnic, and read a book. Visitors can find Auditorium Shores in downtown Austin. They hold special events during holidays, like New Year’s Eve, so make sure you make plans.


6. The University of Texas at Austin

It might seem strange to visit a college, but this one features multiple areas open to the public. There are numerous museums you can explore, including the Courtyard Gallery and Harry Ransom Center. Some of these places double as a library.


7. 3Ten

Sometimes a fun time means entertaining others. In terms of 3Ten, singers can come here and perform for various audiences. This venue is adjacent to ACL Live at the Moody Theater.

You can still visit as a guest during various shows, like the ones going on during happy hour. Bring your friends over for fun game nights where you can all play trivia games together. While you’re here during late-night performances, you can make some new friends.


8. The Picnic

This location is unlike a regular truck stop; rather than the commercial drivers receiving service, they distribute snacks and meals to others. The Picnic is where various food trucks surround the many picnic tables guests can sit at with their families. The multiple options mean that you can bring your whole family here, and everyone would be able to find something they like.


9. Deep Eddy Pool

In 1915, a man named August Johnson Eilers bought some land that had a swimming hole. He then built a concrete pool there, and the rest is history. Deep Eddy has since been the oldest swimming pool in Austin.

Though the city owns the property now, it’s still a fun place to visit during the summer. You can catch the beautiful view of Lady Bird Lake from the tall grassy hill. After a long day of sunbathing and playing in the water, you can go and enjoy a meal at the local Pool Burger.


10. Joe’s Bakery and Coffee Shop

The great thing about tacos is how flexible a dish it is, specifically that you can make one for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Joe’s Bakery and Coffee Shop is a great place to visit to get a bite to eat any time of day near your Austin furnished apartments. Tacos aren’t all you can order here; there are also pancakes, enchiladas, and more.


11. Little Longhorn Saloon

If you love the aesthetic of dive bars and the sound of honky-tonk country music, this location is for you. It can be easy for outsiders not to think much about Little Longhorn Saloon just by looking. However, this bar is worth the visit, especially since you don’t have to pay a fee to enter.

Little Longhorn Saloon is famous for its six out of seven days a week happy hour. You only have to pay one dollar for a Lone Star beer. This bar is affordable, and the staff is welcoming.


12. West Sixth District

This shopping area has many things you can do, ranging from shopping during the day to various dining options at night. You’ll especially love the bars and other nightlife activities here. Many of these places have fascinating themes and striking designs.


13. Thinkery

If you’re looking for a museum with a fun and hands-on learning experience, this location is excellent for children. It has many exhibits that teach kids how to be problem-solvers while inspiring their creativity. They can paint, climb, and participate in activities in so many other ways here.

Thinkery focuses on STEAM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math. This museum has found many innovative ways to educate its visitors of all ages. Your children will have fun playing while learning.


14. AFS Cinema

If you want to watch the latest flicks from home, this theater presents that opportunity for you. You can go to the AFS Cinema website, purchase a ticket for your preferred showtime, and relax at home while it’s playing on your TV. The best part is that you don’t have to buy any expensive snacks when you already have some in your cupboard.


15. The UMLAUF Sculpture Garden and Museum

When it’s a beautiful day outside, it’s hard to pass on taking a walk and enjoying the fantastic weather. You can enrich your stroll by visiting the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden and Museum. Here, you’ll find a wealth of outdoor artworks made by the famous Charles Umlauf.

This garden and museum have a diverse range of pieces made of various materials and shapes. You won’t only discover statues here; there are streams, waterfalls, ponds, and more that help set up the area’s peaceful setting. Guests can enter the very studio where Umlauf has completed his many works.


The 15 Best Things to Do in Fort Worth Texas

If you want an authentic Texas experience, then Fort Worth is the city tour. There are so many places that provide a wide variety of enjoyment for people of all ages. We want to help you plan your next trip to this city by giving you a list of potential places to visit.

1. Burger’s Lake

This place is known as a watering hole, where families, friends, and various individuals come together for social gatherings. Burger’s Lake is the perfect place for this because of its calm waters and relaxing beaches. The whole setting is beautiful, and you can swim, bathe in the sun, take a nap in the shade, and more.

As its name suggests, the lake’s concessions do feature juicy cheeseburgers along with a selection of other foods. That means you can have a picnic here or a delicious meal once you’ve finished swimming for the day. We suggest visiting during the week since it’s usually less crowded then.


2. Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Have you ever wondered where your money comes from or who makes it? You can take a self-tour here at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Visitors can see the production of U.S. bills from a suspended walkway learn all kinds of interesting facts, like that this building produces over half of the currency in this country.


3. Fort Worth Zoo

This location is a great place to bring your family for fun, adventure, and education. Being one of the top zoos in the U.S., this site features plenty of hands-on exhibits for children and other visitors. The Fort Worth Zoo is known for having all four great ape species and other unique biological displays.

An exciting feature is that you can stay overnight at this location. The zoo provides dinner and an entertaining scavenger hunt. That’s one of the many reasons this nation ranks this zoo as one of the best.


4. Kimbell Art Museum

This building does not only contain beautiful pieces and exhibits but is one itself. The internationally renowned Kimbell Art Museum contains works from various European artists from the 20th century, including Picasso, Michelangelo, and Caravaggio. You can also witness masterpieces from Egypt, Asia, and much more.


5. Log Cabin Village

If you love learning about past events, this living history museum is a great place to visit. The various interpreters will you a thorough display of how Texans in the 19th century lived. Plus, visitors can participate in hands-on activities that’ll educate them further.

It just so happens that the Log Cabin Village’s location is right across from Fort Worth Zoo. Similarly, you can explore this exciting place at your own pace. With so much to see and do here, you’d want to take your time going through this village.


6. Fort Worth Botanic Garden

What makes this location unique is that it is multiple places in one. This area features plentiful kinds of gardens, precisely 23 of them, and over 2500 plant species. One of these gardens is the Japanese Garden, renowned for its beautiful waterfalls, Japanese-inspired architecture, and having tons of blossoming vegetation.

The Fort Worth Botanic Garden is a 10000 square-foot conservatory with winding paths that’ll allow you to witness all of the sights. You won’t only see numerous colorful flora; these flowers will fill the air with many natural scents. This garden additionally has multiple interactive spaces where you can learn even more about your surroundings.


7. Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

If you happen to live in Fort Worth furnished apartments, this museum would be a great place to visit. You’ll be spending the whole day exploring the many exhibits, including Energy Blast, Innovation Studios, and Fort Worth Children’s Museum. Visitors can drive right back to their apartments rather than hours away to another city after spending a lot of time at this museum.


8. Fort Worth Water Garden

If you happen to be visiting the Fort Worth Convention Center or just downtown, this area isn’t too far away. The way they designed this space, which was by Phillip Johnson, makes it look like a giant fountain you can walk around in and explore. That’s because the architect made this place to be a relaxing walk and witness the fascinating ways this area displays water.


9. Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

What makes modern art museums fun is that you never know what to expect when you enter one. The same goes for the building in Fort Worth. We highly recommend that you spend an afternoon here and marvel at the magnificent art displayed here.

Whether you’re going during an event or on a regular day, you can expect to see many exhibits. Pieces range from paintings to sculptures deriving from certain countries in Europe. Though there are about 3000 artistic articles here, you won’t ever feel overwhelmed because of how well-paced everything is.


 10. Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge

Texas is known for having many green forests and fields where you can spot animals at any time of day. If you want to encounter some bison, however, visit the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge. This area has many winding paths that you and others can hike while marveling at the local flora and fauna.


11. Amon Carter Museum of American Art

You’ve probably noticed that Fort Worth has many museums with art at its center. This particular establishment showcases the various creativity the originates from across the nation. Famous American artists made many of the pieces you’ll see displayed in this museum.

Visitors can feel like they’re experiencing the outdoors with their landscaping exhibits. There are a plethora of detailed paintings that visualize many of America’s beautiful parks and countrysides. Many of these works were done in the 19th century, back when many of these natural areas were untouched wilderness.


12. Fort Worth Stockyards

It might seem strange to go to a stockyard as an exciting place to visit, but this particular one in Fort Worth is historic. This place is the perfect area to go to if it’s your first time in Texas and you want to experience the old West. One of the reasons the Fort Worth Stockyards is so famous is that it became a significant factor in helping the population increase in the past.


13. Sundance Square

This area is the city center, and it’s always filled with excitement and opportunity. You can walk around and discover the many stores, restaurants, and more the Sundance Square offers. The buildings in this space look beautiful near the tall skyscrapers of Fort Worth.

You can relax near the water fountains and enjoy lunch under the shade of the large umbrellas. There are sometimes music shows playing at the Bass Performance Hall venue. The Sundance Square even has a museum, the Sid Richardson, that can teach you all about the American West.


14. SeaQuest Fort Worth

This fun and interactive aquarium take its visitors on an adventure from deserts and rainforests to the deepest depths of the ocean. You don’t only get to see the magnificent animals that dwell in these climates; you can feed the toucans, pet some stingrays, and much more. They’ve built SeaQuest to immerse its guests in a world of adventure.


15. Trinity Park

Taking a walk around the neighborhood can get dull after a while. Break out of that everyday habit by visiting Trinity Park, a refreshing change of scenery with gravel and paved trails. There are so many beautiful sights to see along these paths that you’d have to make multiple trips here to see it all.

With so many places to go in this 252-acre area, finding where to walk can feel overwhelming. Luckily, you can separate the trail into many chunks and decide when to explore each. You can walk around the duck pond one day and visit the new Dreams Park another time.


Top 15 Things to Do In San Diego During Covid

During the midst of this epidemic known as COVID-19, many are looking for unique and fun activities and destinations within their local area. This is especially the case for those who happen to live in the city of San Diego, CA. San Diego is a great place to live and there are many things to enjoy. Not surprisingly, local and statewide COVID-19 restrictions has placed a lot of restrictions on many of the things that many folks like to do. Neverthelsss, many folks can find a lot to do in San Diego in the midst of COVID-19. We will explore this in greater depth in this piece.  Always double check the latest government restrictions before planning your trip and stay safe out there San Diego!


Currently, the city of San Diego is under a local stay-at-home order for the next three weeks until the capacity of ICU occupation is below a rate of 15%.


1. South Bay Drive-In Theatre


One cool thing to do in San Diego right now is to a drive-in movie at the South Bay Drive-In Theatre. This theatre has the most top-notch quality picture that’s available on three screens that are 100 feet each. One has the chance to enjoy a double-feature on a daily basis at the location. This opportunity is available year-round. It’s a very affordable place. Adults can get in for $10.00. Kids can get in the theater for $1.00.


2. Cinema Under The Stars


Believe it or not, there are options for movie viewing on the rooftop as well. Old-school movies can be seen every Friday to Sunday at the rooftop location Cinema Under the Stars. Individuals can enjoy a relaxing evening out lounging in deck chairs or gravity recliners


3. Go Bike Riding On The Silver Strand


A great option is to bike riding along the Silver Strand Bikeway. It’s an 18 mile trek that takes individuals that begins at Coronado Ferry Landing and ends at Imperial Beach. This is great for riders of any age to be a part of.


4. Take Yoga at Riffs Studios


For those that are looking to remain active during this period, one can decide to do yoga at the reliable Riffs Studios. Classes are still taking place. If one prefers to learn online, the studio features over 60+ classes that will fit any goal an individual is looking to achieve.


5. Head to Mike’s Taco Club for a Cali Burrito


Cali Burritos are a big deal in San Diego. Located conveniently near a beachlocation, one can easily get various types of Cali Burritos and tacos at this famous spot.


6. Visit Juniper & Ivy


Juniper & Ivy provides an amazing dining experience especially when it comes to dessert. Items on the dessert menu include marshmallow cream and chocolate ganache.


7. Take a Ride With the Coronado Ferry


For $5.00 one-way, individuals can take a ride to Coronado Ferry Landing from two different locations. Masks are required to board the ferry.


8. Head to La Jolla Shores Beach


This location is an ideal place for individuals to spot and swim with leopard sharks. Given that leopard sharks do not attack people, this is a great place for snorkeling enthusiasts to make an appearance.


9. Head to Surati Farsan Mart.


Surati Farsan Mart is home to some unique Indian cuisine that’s ideal for vegetarians.

The place is known for its options as far as sweets are concerned.


10. Pay a Visit to Muzita Abyssinian Bistro


For one that is into Ethiopian or Eritrean cuisine, the Muzita Abyssinian Bistro is a great option. This place is well-known for its amazing hospitality. Foods are prepared using ingredients that align with the cultures of Ethiopia and Eritrea.


11. Go Surfing at Black’s Beach


Surfers will enjoy this location as it features one of the top surf breaks in San Diego. Attendees can only go by themselves or with family members. No large groups or parties are allowed.


12. Check out Pomegranate Restaurant


If you are into Russian or Georgian cuisine, Pomegranate Restaurant is a very popular place with a wide array of excellent choices. It’s rated 4 1/2 stars on Yelp. Even though Pomegranate has had to take their dining outdoors, they continue to make guests feel right at home.


13. Check Out Tuna Harbor Dockside Market.


This place can be only visited on Saturdays from 8am – 1pm. Seafood enthusiasts can preorder exotic seafood such as rock crab from Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon by going on their online shop. Those orders can be picked up at the location on Saturdays.


14. Check Out the USS Midway Naval Ship


This attraction brings visitors from all ages. It even attracts visitors from overseas. The USS Midway Naval Ship is viewed more than any other naval ship in the world. Visitors must sign up for a tour online.


15. Have an Amazing Burger At The Friendly


It is said that the Dirty Flat Top Burger may be one of the best burgers ever. It is highlighted by its toasted golden brown bun. It is available for pickup only.

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