Top 15 Things to Do In San Diego During Covid

During the midst of this epidemic known as COVID-19, many are looking for unique and fun activities and destinations within their local area. This is especially the case for those who happen to live in the city of San Diego, CA. San Diego is a great place to live and there are many things to enjoy. Not surprisingly, local and statewide COVID-19 restrictions has placed a lot of restrictions on many of the things that many folks like to do. Neverthelsss, many folks can find a lot to do in San Diego in the midst of COVID-19. We will explore this in greater depth in this piece.  Always double check the latest government restrictions before planning your trip and stay safe out there San Diego!


Currently, the city of San Diego is under a local stay-at-home order for the next three weeks until the capacity of ICU occupation is below a rate of 15%.


1. South Bay Drive-In Theatre


One cool thing to do in San Diego right now is to a drive-in movie at the South Bay Drive-In Theatre. This theatre has the most top-notch quality picture that’s available on three screens that are 100 feet each. One has the chance to enjoy a double-feature on a daily basis at the location. This opportunity is available year-round. It’s a very affordable place. Adults can get in for $10.00. Kids can get in the theater for $1.00.


2. Cinema Under The Stars


Believe it or not, there are options for movie viewing on the rooftop as well. Old-school movies can be seen every Friday to Sunday at the rooftop location Cinema Under the Stars. Individuals can enjoy a relaxing evening out lounging in deck chairs or gravity recliners


3. Go Bike Riding On The Silver Strand


A great option is to bike riding along the Silver Strand Bikeway. It’s an 18 mile trek that takes individuals that begins at Coronado Ferry Landing and ends at Imperial Beach. This is great for riders of any age to be a part of.


4. Take Yoga at Riffs Studios


For those that are looking to remain active during this period, one can decide to do yoga at the reliable Riffs Studios. Classes are still taking place. If one prefers to learn online, the studio features over 60+ classes that will fit any goal an individual is looking to achieve.


5. Head to Mike’s Taco Club for a Cali Burrito


Cali Burritos are a big deal in San Diego. Located conveniently near a beachlocation, one can easily get various types of Cali Burritos and tacos at this famous spot.


6. Visit Juniper & Ivy


Juniper & Ivy provides an amazing dining experience especially when it comes to dessert. Items on the dessert menu include marshmallow cream and chocolate ganache.


7. Take a Ride With the Coronado Ferry


For $5.00 one-way, individuals can take a ride to Coronado Ferry Landing from two different locations. Masks are required to board the ferry.


8. Head to La Jolla Shores Beach


This location is an ideal place for individuals to spot and swim with leopard sharks. Given that leopard sharks do not attack people, this is a great place for snorkeling enthusiasts to make an appearance.


9. Head to Surati Farsan Mart.


Surati Farsan Mart is home to some unique Indian cuisine that’s ideal for vegetarians.

The place is known for its options as far as sweets are concerned.


10. Pay a Visit to Muzita Abyssinian Bistro


For one that is into Ethiopian or Eritrean cuisine, the Muzita Abyssinian Bistro is a great option. This place is well-known for its amazing hospitality. Foods are prepared using ingredients that align with the cultures of Ethiopia and Eritrea.


11. Go Surfing at Black’s Beach


Surfers will enjoy this location as it features one of the top surf breaks in San Diego. Attendees can only go by themselves or with family members. No large groups or parties are allowed.


12. Check out Pomegranate Restaurant


If you are into Russian or Georgian cuisine, Pomegranate Restaurant is a very popular place with a wide array of excellent choices. It’s rated 4 1/2 stars on Yelp. Even though Pomegranate has had to take their dining outdoors, they continue to make guests feel right at home.


13. Check Out Tuna Harbor Dockside Market.


This place can be only visited on Saturdays from 8am – 1pm. Seafood enthusiasts can preorder exotic seafood such as rock crab from Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon by going on their online shop. Those orders can be picked up at the location on Saturdays.


14. Check Out the USS Midway Naval Ship


This attraction brings visitors from all ages. It even attracts visitors from overseas. The USS Midway Naval Ship is viewed more than any other naval ship in the world. Visitors must sign up for a tour online.


15. Have an Amazing Burger At The Friendly


It is said that the Dirty Flat Top Burger may be one of the best burgers ever. It is highlighted by its toasted golden brown bun. It is available for pickup only.

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