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Dallas Texas

If you urgently need a corporate rental, then narrow your options with Smallwood Corporate Housing in Dallas. You’ll find that our furnished apartment rentals surpass a typical hotel in terms of pricing, amenities, and general comfort. Our staff will provide you with all of the services you need and more.

You can browse our website and look through the various corporate rentals we have available in this town. Once you’ve discovered which housing you want to stay at, let us know which services and amenities you would like so we can set them up before you get there. If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to ask.

You will see the properties we have in our inventory above. Clicking on any of them will lead you to a page that gives you more details on how many bedrooms are available, the amenities, and other information. Our staff can help you narrow down your choices with additional info like how long you’re staying, any things to do, or any special locations in Dallas you need to be closest to, whether you want apartments that are pet friendly, and more! Keep in mind that all of our housing options come fully furnished. If you’ve chosen which property you want to spend your stay in, but it doesn’t have all of the amenities or services you need, contact our facility.  Our team can set up those arrangements for you no problem!

You’ve probably sought out our apartments because you’re about to start living in Dallas, Fort Worth, or other surrounding areas. In that case, you must learn a lot of necessary information about daily life here in Dallas. Learning these details could be useful during your current and future stays. There’s a lot of restaurants and fun places you can visit with your family. You might be curious about employment for yourself and education for your children. One of the most important elements to learn, however, is how you get around in Dallas.

Transportation in Dallas

One popular way of moving from place to place in this city is through the Dallas Area Rapid Transit, or DART, system. This operation consists of a network of trains and buses that connects the suburbs to Downtown Dallas. The DART system is continuously growing, even having shuttles to and from the airport. You must have access to the hours of operation at all times in case you find that you need to make an emergency transit. Other forms of public transportation include the McKinney Avenue Trolley, taxis, ride-sharing, and car rentals. Those borrowing a vehicle and new to driving in Dallas must learn about tips like being wary of pedestrians and horrible weather.

Places to Go

You can visit many places during the day with your family or at night with your friends and colleagues. Let your kids experience the thrill and enjoyment of Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, or bring them to Medieval Times for dinner and a show. Speaking of food, you’ll find that restaurants in Dallas are plentiful and diverse with so many various tastes that there’s bound to be something for everyone. This city is a shopping paradise with places like the giant Dallas Galleria or high-end shops like Neiman-Marcus downtown. Fall in love with the many art exhibits displayed in areas like the Nasher Sculpture Center and the Crow Museum of Asian Art. As for places to visit at night, the Deep Ellum district is famous for its many night clubs and bars.

The Neighborhoods of Dallas

Visiting the different districts is not only a good idea for those who want to live here but great for tourists who wish to experience the various flavors of Dallas. Learning about these distinct areas could allow you to see which ones you’ll go to when you start living here. Perhaps one neighborhood could convince you to purchase housing nearby. There’s the Trinity Groves, for example, an area known for its restaurants and retail stores. If you’re an independent who enjoys the many beauties of art, you’ll probably take an interest in the Design District. Visit as many of these areas as you can to get a fuller experience of Dallas.


Employment Opportunities

The job market in Dallas is vast and growing. You’ll find that searching for employment isn’t too difficult in general. You could apply to places like American Airlines, Target Corp., JP Morgan Chase & Co., the Baylor Health Care System, and more companies that heavily contribute to this city’s overall job market. Specific occupations, like medical professionals, might take just a little longer for you to obtain. Just be sure to check out this website for potential opportunities and make the whole process more convenient for yourself. Our corporate rentals come with internet access, and don’t hesitate to ask our staff for any resources to help in your search.

Schooling in Dallas

Moving to a new city in the middle of the school year can be stressful and challenging for your child. So when you’re looking for an education establishment to enroll your kids in, you can rest easy knowing that there are plenty of good schools in this town. Sending them to school means that they’ll make new friends sooner, making them feel less lonely because of all of the friends they left back at your previous home. You won’t have to worry about your children getting behind on their school work. Our furnished Dallas apartments come with various spots that your kids can sit down quietly to study or do their homework. Dallas has plenty of public and private schools to choose from, but don’t forget to follow local rules if you decide to homeschool your children.

During the days you are free from doing business on your trip, why not explore the city? You can bring your family to various fun and places to spice up your visit here in Dallas. Traveling from the fully furnished apartments to where you need to go isn’t too difficult if you know how to take advantage of the local public transportation. There are so many restaurants that you’ll have plenty of options each time you visit this city. Don’t forget to tour the many unique neighborhoods of Dallas and experience this city’s spectrum of style. You could always check the city’s official website for other significant information like education for your children and employment.

Smallwood Corporate Housing provides its services to a wide range of visitors. No matter how diverse our clients are, we know how to accommodate anyone who needs to stay in Dallas for the short or long term. With our excellent services and plentiful amenities, it’s no wonder that so many major companies work with us. They have a lot of their traveling employees stay in our lodging here in this city. We have numerous advantages like free parking, pet-friendly dwellings, temporary addresses, and more depending on where you stay. That’s why our housing welcomes people ranging from workers in business and construction to new citizens and military members.

Short or Long Term Apartments that are Friendly with Travel Managers

Since we work with large companies like Walmart and Halliburton, travel managers regularly make plans with us on setting up lodging for their employees. As a result, our Smallwood Corporate Housing team in Dallas has plenty of experience organizing safe and comfortable arrangements. It’s also through these travel managers that we’ve learned to refine our services and become the 5-star establishment we are today. Many businesses have requested us to accommodate international employees from places like Egypt, Nigeria, Australia, Scotland, Japan, and China. That’s why we work hard to make the process easier for travel managers with easily accessible services. Of course, we additionally provide lodging for these workers.

The Best Corporate Housing Rentals for Business Executives and Employees

What separates our corporate housing from typical hotels is that we’ve designed our dwellings to appeal to company workers specifically. One of the features we offer is free wifi in and around the apartments to make it easier for individuals to complete significant tasks anywhere. Furthermore, Smallwood furnished properties can come with various amenities like fax machines and computer desks. Don’t hesitate to call our staff and ask about what’s available at your housing of choice. Our apartments aren’t only suitable for getting work done, but also to help business executives relax. That’s why we have benefits like a massage therapy and fitness center for those wanting to take a break for a while.

Claims Adjuster

During an awful hail storm in Dallas in 1993, Smallwood provided short-term housing to State Farm employees. These employees came for their various clients in this city that have a property that has been damaged from this natural disaster. More and more State Farm insurance claims adjusters requested our services, which contributed heavily to our company’s national corporate housing business. These workers’ actions have inspired us so much that we have incorporated it into our accommodation plans. We happily support and house those who have lost their homes due to unfortunate circumstances. The same goes for insurance claims adjusters, and our services make it convenient both for them and their clients to set up their housing.

Construction Workers

In addition to employees who build structures, we also provide apartments to laborers who do repairs and maintenance. We understand that these individuals will have differing needs for business executives. That’s why our staff can prepare our fully furnished housing with features like firm beds. Regardless of distinct requirements, construction workers will still have access to many of the same benefits and services company employees have. While some contractors and developers might need extra space for their equipment and vehicles, those same workers could go to the same poolside area as business executives. We work with Walmart to help provide these construction laborers comfort with a home away from home.

Government or Military

Various government employees regularly travel to complete assignments in all kinds of areas. So whether they have significant tasks in Dallas, Addison, Fort Worth, or other surrounding areas, our establishment could provide housing. Speaking of Fort Worth, we’ve fitted our apartments for military individuals and their families. Smallwood Corporate Housing has outstanding accommodations and services for these employees. For example, we’ll place one of our staff members at the property you’ve chosen to stay in to provide you with any help you need. Our company has benefits like flexible terms specifically for our troops in uniform.

Generally speaking, there are a ton of fully furnished apartments in Dallas. Instead of rolling the dice, look to Smallwood Corporate Housing. Our selection of properties is guaranteed to have quality services and accommodations for you and your family. You won’t find 5-star lodging and amenities like this with typical Airbnb housing. Dallas already has plenty of unique places to visit; our corporate apartments help complete your comfortable stay. So contact us today so we can get started on renting you one of our options.

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