Austin Corporate Housing Rentals

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With our extensive inventory in Austin, Texas, and surrounding areas. Our team is dedicated to matching your needs in short term corporate apartments, vacation stays, or long-term rentals.

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Our company offers accommodation rentals that are close to many attractions in Austin. If you need to lodge somewhere for a while because you’re on a business trip that requires you to work on a serious data map, you might not want to stay in a hotel. We have many advantages available to our guests, some of which vary based on their specific location in Austin.

Our establishment has designed our corporate housing to make you feel right at home in a way that hotels usually don’t. Whether you’re coming with family or pets, we’ll find a room here in Austin that’s right for you. Here are some benefits of choosing our corporate housing over a typical hotel.

Extra Services

Indeed hotels in Austin can perform additional tasks for you at your request. However, they’re both limited in what they can do for you and usually have a low walk score to locations that get you what you need. Our Austin company, on the other hand, specifically tailors to business owners and employees from certain industries.

Not only do all of our establishments have a high walk score, but we also offer transportation for significant spots in the city. Since your work in Austin might take up a lot of your time, you can ask our staff to get groceries for you. You can call us for additional requests before you get here, such as getting a map and seeing which locations have a high walk score.


This is another feature that Austin hotels have, but not to our detailed extent. While you might be out at a restaurant in Austin TX, our excellent housekeeping will do more than change your bedsheets and towels. Instead of doing it every day, meaning you’d have to leave the room daily, our Austin Texas company gives you the option of whether you want to do it weekly, monthly, or other choices.

You might already have a routine you follow at your house or apartment, and our Austin TX locations will happily accommodate that. Our corporate dwellings additionally provide more housekeeping flexibility than extended stay hotels in Austin Texas. We don’t only consider the human element when cleaning your home; we know how to thoroughly clean pet hair from a couch and other areas.

If you have any allergies or sensitivities to certain cleaning ingredients, please let us know before you book your housing.


Water and electric bills are fees our guests must pay, though it might not be a huge problem if you’re at music festivals and other locations often. We include these statements in your rent because we know how expensive and financially unpredictable this college town can be. Hotels might not charge for your utility use in Round Rock, but that’s why they’re usually more expensive.

People go to those establishments with the intent to lodge for a few days, so they know it won’t feel like permanent housing in Austin. Having your utility bills combined with your rent can prevent any mixup with fees that you have and haven’t paid in Round Rock. We do this because we know that you’re busy and shouldn’t have to deal with the extra paperwork you’d get from other housing in Austin.

Paying for utilities in this manner can help you budget better, so you’ll be financially prepared to go to various locations here in Austin.


It’s not as common or affordable for Cedar Park hotel rooms to come with this additional feature. When you rent with us, you’ll get a fully-equipped kitchen that has all the basic plates, silverware, and more that gives you all your cooking and housing needs. You won’t need to put pots in your bags or suitcases when traveling to Cedar Park or nearby areas.

Our clients also won’t have to spend so much on dining out all the time. Our locations are usually near shopping places where you can purchase the groceries you need for your lodging, and it doesn’t eat into your data map construction time. Plus, the kitchen is handy for those with human and pet dietary restrictions.

Customer Service

If you’ve lived in a typical apartment in a college town, you probably know that their help desk can sometimes be frustrating to deal with on various issues. You won’t have to worry about that when you stay with us, because we know how to fulfill all kinds of housing needs. We’ve particularly trained our staff to help a wide range of our clients 24/7.

That’s because we strive to make all of our guests as happy and comfortable as we can, no matter what the rates are. You can rely on our employees to give you details on local areas you can visit, including restaurants, museums, the Texas Capitol Building, and more. That’s not a benefit you’d expect to get from typical apartments in Austin.

Our Austin corporate housing makes sure to meet your needs in a timely manner.

Places to Do Business

Sometimes our corporate guests come with their families to this area. As such, they need a quiet, isolated place to do their business that regular apartments in Austin don’t usually provide. That’s why we have more than one area in our buildings where you can take out your laptop and get to work immediately.

It’s also an excellent place to meet with fellow employers that also stayed at our apartment rentals. You can all collaborate together on our property without the disturbances of the outside. Not many hotels on I 35 offer this additional feature, and it could be difficult for you to focus on your job without sending your family out of the room.


Regular property rentals are usually empty, meaning you’d have to spend more money on a couch, desk, TV, and more. Our corporate housing near I 35 always comes fully furnished. That includes every single room, ranging from the bedrooms to the general living spaces.

You’ll have a comfortable place to relax and work, just as you would at home. We don’t stop at the functional furnishings. Our company understands that a lot of our business guests might constantly feel a lot of stress and pressure from their jobs, so we added decor that’ll help make the environment more calming for you.

Leisure Activities and Areas

Life doesn’t always have to be about work. We know that many of our guests need to take breaks from being busy all the time, which is why we offer various amenities you’ll have access to when you lodge with us. You can take a dip in our swimming pool or keep fit in our workout room.

Each of our buildings has different activities you can do at your leisure. Be sure to contact us for more information on what they are so you know what is there when you stay at a particular apartment. Generally, though, we do have rooms where you can gather with others in a casual setting.

Better Locations

Our corporate housing is always situated near busy and popular areas. You’re just a walk or a short drive away from an exciting adventure here in Austin. If you planned on visiting one or multiple locations in town, let our staff know.

We can set you up with housing that’s closest to all of those areas. Our professionals can also suggest apartments that are nearest to your company. Because of the short distances to other places, we’ll have little to no issues commuting you to those areas at your desired time.

Let us know where in Austin you need to go, and we can either take you there or give you public transformation information.

The city of Austin is known for being neighborly, and our apartments are no exception. We have competitive pricing and amenities. Our company has particularly trained our staff to accommodate various workers of multiple industries.

Instead of searching for a typical hotel with fewer services and higher prices, contact us today. You can give additional details to one of our specialists so they can suggest the best apartment location for you. They’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.