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We have great inventory for the San Diego California area whether you are looking for a short or long term rental. Our team is ready to help whether you are looking for a corporate apartment, vacation rental, or other long term stays. Smallwood is trusted in surrounding San Diego and throughout California, check out some of our available inventory below:

Corporate Rentals in San Diego

San Diego CA Corporate Housing – Home & Apartments Rentals

Finding short-term rentals in San Diego CA that has the right amenities can be a difficult task. That’s why you should consider Smallwood furnished apartments, which have benefits like dog-friendly accommodations. Not only can our selections help narrow down your choices, but we make sure that you only have high-quality San Diego corporate housing to pick from our list. Each fully furnished apartment houses single families preparing to move here, traveling business employees, transferring government or military members, and many other individuals. We have a friendly staff that can provide you with anything you need to help make your stay even more comfortable, like public transport information. With our amenities and relatively affordable pricing, Smallwood’s corporate rentals provide people with an exceptional experience compared to other types of temporary lodgment. 

Our corporate housing rentals and furnished housing includes rentals in San Diego from places like la regencia, costa verde village, loma portal apartments, lake murray, kearny villa, solana beach, costa verde and more!  See our San Diego condos and executive apartments and furnished corporate houses or apartments currently available in mission center, oceanside ca or vista ca among others!


We are more than happy to provide you with fully furnished housing in San Diego CA. However, our corporate housing in San Diego CA makes up part of your experience in this city. Our staff members at any of our furnished homes could give you information about local attractions, including beaches and museums. You can visit many of the neighborhoods in San Diego or nearby cities like Carlsbad CA. You can ask us about various details ranging from whether you’d have access to washers and dryers to local transportation and employment. We know that pubic transit from San Diego to San Marcos CA takes more than a bus ride, which is why we’re here to help.


There are many reasons to visit San Diego CA, like its 70 degrees year-round or near San Marcos and other surrounding cities. You can discover various fun facts connected to the multiple attractions in this city, such as Balboa Park being the largest urban cultural park globally. This metropolis sits on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. That means that a Pacific beach could be walking distance from one of our apartments in San Diego CA. Many of these recreations don’t even include the tons of entertainment within the city. If you’re interested in visiting all of those places, then it would be best if you knew how to get there from corporate housing San Diego.


Transportation in San Diego


You can find typical public transits like the Greyhound bus making rounds throughout the city. There’s also the Amtrak, a rail service that runs by some San Diego regions. These forms of transportation can be limited or complicated if you’re traveling to other cities like San Marcos CA. If you ask our corporate housing San Diego representatives, we could give you information about local car rental shops. You could use our high-speed internet to find one of these stores and rent a vehicle. Ensure you’re aware of familiar roads when driving in San Diego CA, like the I-805 and Route 163.


The Economy and Job Market


The Navy makes up a sizable portion of employment in this metropolis. Other prevalent occupations include tourism, manufacturing, and trade and research. Finding a new job wouldn’t be too hard for newcomers, especially since San Diego CA has low employment. It’s also a great place to start a small business. Medical workers seeking a job can look to places like the Neurosurgical Medical Clinic, the UC San Diego Medical Center, or other clinics and hospitals in surrounding areas like Carlsbad CA. You can narrow down your choices by observing the top employers in the city, including Qualcomm and Sea World San Diego, using our high-speed internet.


Convenient Navigation


Just as we’ve made it easy for you to access our washers and dryers, San Diego CA conveniently builds around the idea of walking and bicycling to nearby areas. Many places are close together, like restaurants and particular attractions. It can depend on which neighborhood you’re visiting. If you’re leaving our San Diego corporate apartment rentals to explore the city, then it would be best if you had a map. You can ask any of our staff members stationed at each property about that or local areas you can visit. There’s also the option of using a navigational app to help make you aware of your surroundings.




Being a large, diverse city, San Diego CA has a vast array of flavors that you can try. More specifically, there are many Mexican restaurants that each have special fares. That’s because it just so happens that San Diego CA isn’t too far from the Mexican border. If you’re someone who loves and always craves this particular culture’s cuisine, then you’ll most likely find a place within walking distance of our furnished homes. The restaurants can range from casual to upscale, indoors to outdoors, and other factors. Since San Diego is near Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, it allows for an exciting mix of dishes you can enjoy at the property you’re staying.




Many beaches are lining the side of this metropolis, including the La Jolla shore, and a large number of them are free and walking distance from our corporate apartments. You can have fun learning about animals at Seaworld San Diego or the San Diego Zoo. Be sure to bring your family to the Legoland California amusement park so they can enjoy the many rides and experience the various entertainment there. Most of the popular attractions in San Diego combine learning with fun, like the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center and its stargazing activities. You can check out the museums and other historical exhibitions located in Old Town. Not all of these activities cost money, and there are plenty of other things you can do in the city free of cost near our corporate housing in San Diego.


Moving to La Mesa or other cities within the county doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience. Sure, there are many fun activities and attractions that you and your family can enjoy. The range of diverse restaurants can introduce you to new flavors that you probably can’t find anywhere else. However, we understand that larger cities can be confusing, whether you’re a visitor or a new citizen. That’s why the staff at our furnished apartments would be more than happy to inform you about details like public transportation, convenient places nearby, and even employment. Our Smallwood short term rent San Diego apartments want to make your stay as pleasurable as we can both in and out of the apartment.


There are multiple types of temporary housing you can choose. Some are more familiar, like hotels and vacation home rentals. Others are a bit more obscure or don’t immediately come to mind, such as subletting or renting an RV. Each of them has its unique benefits for specific people, but corporate housing San Diego apartments have a wide range of conveniences that appeal to a broader crowd. The combination of our high-quality lodgement and services can give you a better experience than any other temporary dwellings. Even if you plan to move to or visit Chula Vista or other places in this county, you can still book any of our short term rentals San Diego apartments.




People usually stay at hotels if they only plan on staying for one or a few days. As such, prices are high. Our short term rental San Diego apartments are generally cheaper because guests can settle for weeks or even months at a time. They’re also spacious with more amenities, like a kitchen, some appliances, and having dog-friendly accommodations. Some hotels have a few of these conveniences. However, they’re either rare, extra expensive, or reserve those advantages for their suites.


Extended Stay Hotels


You can find many of the benefits of corporate housing lacking in hotels in extended stay hotels. The main difference, though, is flexibility. Our corporate housing services consider the needs of a wide range of guests. We have particular advantages for families moving in, traveling business employees, construction workers, military members, and much more. Smallwood Corporate Housing additionally provides extra conveniences to specific businesses, like Walmart or State Farm Insurance. Our services and lodgement give you more at a lower price, even if the extended-stay hotel is in El Cajon or other surrounding areas where you plan to live or do business.


Vacation Home Rentals


Though mostly for tourists, vacation home rentals can be convenient for business travelers. There are apps like Airbnb that make it easier for you to find local homes and apartments in San Diego or scenic parts of La Jolla. Sometimes the host of that home is there to provide you with hospitality. However, these hosts might not have the same professional service experiences that our staff members do. As effortless as the app makes it for you to find your rental home, it’s surprisingly still more expensive than a corporate housing apartment. Our dwellings are more secure in terms of liability.




Subletting is when you stay in a rental space while leased under someone else’s name. People usually do this if they plan to be gone from their home for a long time or moving to a different location before the lease ends. One of the main reasons people choose this temporary living option is that it’s affordable. A problem with this method is that you’d have to check and see if it’s legal in San Diego, La Mesa, or other areas within the county. An issue with the apartment could have caused the original tenant to leave before their lease ended. We always prepare our corporate housing for particular guests that stay with us without any indication of previous occupants.


Recreational Vehicles


The idea of taking your home anywhere on the road sounds convenient. You can rent an RV and park it at one of the many RV resorts in this area. A significant downside to that is you need a permit to park one of these vehicles there. That means you have to plan, which can be difficult for those who need housing immediately. Even if you own or rent an RV already, finding the right parks in places like Chula Vista with the necessary amenities can take a while. Smallwood is ready to make an emergency booking for those that want to stay at our San Diego corporate apartments.


Finding a temporary home doesn’t have to be tedious, confusing, or even expensive. Instead of sifting through the tons of ways you can stay in the numerous areas in this county, like El Cajon, you can further narrow down those choices by looking at our Smallwood Corporate Housing selections. We provide quality apartments that make you feel like you’re in a home away from home. We tailor our various services and amenities to a vast array of guests with particular needs. You won’t roll the dice when you’re looking through our housing options; they’re all top quality, and our friendly staff can help you find the right apartment that accommodates you best. If you have any other questions about our lodgment or how we can assist you, contact us today.

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