Vacation Rentals

Make Fun Memories with Family and Friends

Choosing a vacation destination is fun. Finding the right place to stay can be much more difficult. Few of us enjoy the thought of spending a week in a cramped hotel room and relying on eating out every meal. This can quickly get old and leave you ready to make the trip back home where you can stretch out and enjoy a home-cooked meal.

Find the perfect balance between being on vacation and feeling like your home-away-from-home when you choose a vacation rental instead of a hotel. The staff at Smallwood Corporate Housing has access to many conveniently located communities, so you and your family can take in the sights and still return to a comfortable home base.

When Vacation Rentals Make Sense

Hotels may be your first go-to in sleeping arrangements, but that is all you can do, sleep. A vacation rental gives you the opportunity to stretch out and enjoy home-cooked meals instead of eating at restaurants. You don’t have to only be on vacation. Here are other times when using a vacation rental is the perfect choice:

  • Family Reunions. Why not have several family members share accommodations? You can spend extra time together cooking, laughing, playing board games, and when it’s time for bed, everyone slips down the hall or camps out in the living room.
  • Christmas. Plan a family Christmas at a warm location and have everyone join you. You can make new memories and traditions. When family members are scattered, you can bring them together in an area convenient for everyone.
  • Girls-Only Trips. Girls just wanna have fun…in a new city with exciting sights and sounds. Plan a trip to reconnect with friends each year. You can even choose a different city each time. Enjoy night life and exotic foods before heading back home to the family.
  • Sabbaticals. When you need a break, sometimes you need more than a short vacation. You need an extended time to reflect and decompress. Using a vacation rental, you can do both far away from home. Recharge and write that book you have dreamt about, or just unplug from your day-to-day stresses.
  • Personal Retreat. Sometimes we have a project that requires time away from all the duties of daily life. Maybe it is to outline and start a book. Maybe it is to journal and plan for the new year. Enjoying a personal retreat in a vacation rental can make all the difference.

Contact a Vacation Rental Company in the Know

Pick a vacation rental company that knows where the best sights are for your next adventure. Smallwood Corporate Housing has a wide variety of communities available for your upcoming vacation, holiday getaway, sabbatical, or personal retreat. They are conveniently located, so you have access to the things you need and want. We can guide you to the best area restaurants and hidden gems only the locals seem to know about. Look to us for your future vacation rental.

Contact our experienced and friendly staff for all your vacation rental needs. We’re everywhere. Where do you need to be?