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With our extensive inventory in Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas. Our team is dedicated to matching your needs in short term corporate apartments, vacation stays, or long-term rentals.

Check out these highly-rated Smallwood Houston options below.

There aren’t too many affordable long-term hotels that have resort-style swimming pools. That’s why if you’re looking for a place that provides extended stay, look no further than Smallwood. Each available property has a plethora of amenities that’ll make you feel like you’re at home and on vacation at the same time. We accommodate every rental for families and people that work in various industries. Our fully-furnished housing solutions are made extra comfortable with our friendly staff, who can help you with your particular needs.

Close to Other Locations

You won’t have to worry about public transportation all the time when you stay at our temporary apartments. At least one medical center, grocery stores, and other essential establishments are usually within walking distance from each furnished apartment. Additionally, there are fun and entertaining locations here in St. Houston, TX that are a stride away. You can talk to our staff and ask them questions about places in Center Houston near each of our abodes. We can give you some maps and brochures that’ll give you more details about some areas in downtown Houston.

Even if the apartment isn’t close to your work, medical center, or another place you want to go to, we can arrange transportation for you.

More Ideal than Local Hotels

If you need to stay in the city temporarily but not for a short time, then our Houston corporate housing would be a better option than more typical types of lodging. There are various reasons for that, like cost. Hotels tend to charge you by the day. Our establishment, though, offers temporary apartments with leasing. You don’t have to worry about surprise fees; we’re transparent to each of our guests about our fully-furnished apartments from the beginning. We have various amenities that are usually unavailable during a typical hotel visit.

Our location is additionally more ideal than other extended stay lodgings and short-term rentals for size and more amenities.

Enjoy a Fully-Equipped Kitchen

Houston, TX has plenty of amazing restaurants that contain a diverse range of foods and flavors. However, eating out all the time can cost money and even be unhealthy. If you’re going to stay in temporary housing for weeks and months, you’d probably prefer to have home-cooked meals at some point. That’s why each of our temporary apartments is a short distance away from stores where you can purchase food and similar supplies. The kitchens in our corporate suites have the silverware, pots, plates, and more you’d need to have your daily meals. That’s great for those that might follow a strict diet.

Prepared for Business Travelers

We have lodging for visitors whose companies have sent them to St. Houston, TX for business. Our furnished apartments accommodate families and have various areas where you can work peacefully. There are also some business centers where you and your colleagues can hold crucial meetings. You can talk to our staff about transportation options to get to essential corporate buildings on Richmond Ave or other areas. We can assist office employees, military service members, construction workers, and more. Be sure to give us a call and provide us details before you arrive at our corporate apartments so we can help you further.

When You Need to Get Away from Home

We’re not only talking about going on vacation. Our furnished apartment buildings typically take in clients that need non-permanent housing while their dwelling undergoes renovations. Additionally, you can book with us if you plan on moving to Houston, San Antonio, or surrounding areas. Homes aren’t usually ready for people to live in as soon as they’re purchased. Another group of individuals we help is those who need disaster relief. Our establishment has particular plans in place for such a situation, meaning will take as much of the stress away from the process as possible for you.

Local Attractions and Amenities

In between all the business and hard work you do, you’ll want to take some time for leisure activities and fun. Each of our furnished apartments has particular areas where you can relax and participate in pleasant endeavors. We have luxury pools, exercise equipment, designated barbeque locations, high-speed internet, and other benefits. If you want to go out and experience the town, then there are many places you can visit with your family and colleagues. The Houston Zoo and Space Center are among some of the most popular options you can try. You can talk to our staff about any local events you can attend on Richmond Ave or other areas near the short-term apartments.

Diverse Furnished Corporate Apartments to Choose from

Our properties have housing of different sizes and variations you can lease, like corporate suites. They all have the same basic benefits, like fully-furnished rooms and kitchens. However, some are made to accommodate particular preferences or those from select industries. An example would be our pet-friendly options. Be sure to give us a call so you can learn more about what we have available. We could even give you suggestions if you’re not sure where you want to stay.

Professional and Self-Services

Similar to hotels, we have housekeepers come to your corporate apartment and clean it on a regular basis. They don’t typically do that every day for our long-term rentals. Instead, you can schedule for them to come by each week, month, or another period of your choice. That way, you don’t have to leave your housing all the time when you have crucial work to get done or want to relax in the home setting. Our establishments also have washers and dryers available to all of our residents. As such, you won’t have to waste too much energy and money traveling to a separate laundromat.

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