If you’re looking for a peaceful place to visit away from the busy city, try the Zilker Botanical Garden. The Zilker Botanical Gardens are a beautiful place where guests can walk around and marvel at the lovely flora. This single park contains multiple gardens you can explore, including the Japanese Garden. The Zilker Botanical Garden is in the middle of Austin near downtown, almost like a zen oasis in a bustling desert. You can bring your family to the Zilker Botanical Gardens during various events or to particular areas, like the butterfly trail. In addition to the Japanese Garden are the Butler Window and other features you can explore when you get there.

Gaze at the Dinosaurs

Take a trip to the past in this area of the Zilker Botanical Garden. There are various dinosaur statues set in this part of the rose garden grounds. This section is called the Hartman Prehistoric Garden, and it features the diverse vegetation you would commonly find in the Cretaceous Period. Additionally, you can witness the breathtaking waterfall in the rose garden that is so beautiful that people plan their weddings there. There’s a fascinating history here, as the Hartman Prehistoric Garden came to fruition when someone discovered a dinosaur footprint there. This area is a peaceful place to walk through and explore before you reach the koi-filled ponds.

Varying Events

Sometimes members of official vegetation societies and organizations provide knowledge and entertainment to visitors about the themed gardens. Zilker Botanical Garden has more information about each occasion on the website. Some of these events could be near the koi-filled ponds and are free, but you’d have to pay for others separately from your ticket. Remember, you have to purchase admission online because you can’t do it on location, and you won’t have to buy separate tickets for themed gardens. In addition, there are annual tours and other happenings held often at these gardens by the Austin Area Garden Council. Be sure to check them out, as some of them donate their admissions to select organizations in downtown Austin.

You can expect the spring and summer to have more events than the rest of the year.



It’s fun to walk through the Japanese gardens, but it can be extra fascinating to learn more information about vegetation there. Unfortunately, they’ve limited tours due to health and safety concerns in downtown Austin. For example, a group visiting the herb garden can’t exceed a particular size. If it does, you’d have to split them and arrange for separate Austin, TX tours. Teachers can bring their students with additional chaperones to Zilker Park. Right now, you can’t have more than ten people in a group per Austin, TX tour.


Parking and Other Info

We want to clarify that the Zilker Botanical Garden is a sub-section of the entire Zilker Metropolitan Park. With that said, there are multiple spots where you can park for the garden and the general Zilker Park. Some options are better than others for the botanic garden, but that depends on the circumstances. Visitors will usually pack the main parking lot on days where admission is free for the Taniguchi Japanese Garden or during weekends and events. When that happens, they have a backup option that becomes available on 2300 Stratford Drive that isn’t too far from Barton Springs Rd, Austin. There will be signs to help you find your way to that parking lot, so you can come and see the local dinosaur habitat.


Portable Transportation

That refers to bikes, scooters, and other similar items Austin residents typically use. You can travel to the gardens using portable transportation if you want to have lunch on the picnic tables. The Zilker Botanical Garden in South Austin has areas before you enter where you can secure these articles. However, you can’t bring them inside, whether you’re visiting Heritage Live Oaks or a different area. That includes rentals, though there aren’t any rules for virtual tours. For the safety of the flora and other items in the gardens, the recreation department emphasizes that you can’t ride your bikes and scooters on the trails.


Food and Drinks

You can bring in consumables to the Austin botanical garden, but you can eat them in designated areas; you can’t have meals in the Blacksmith Shop or other select places. You can’t take glass bottles into the gardens with you to prevent the risk of them breaking and shards damaging the sensitive vegetation. Additionally, no one is allowed to bring alcohol, and the park offers no concessions whatsoever. You and your family can have a picnic in Oak Grove unless there are upcoming events. There, visitors will find tables to settle for lunch if there aren’t any other available or preferred locations on 2220 Barton Springs Rd. There might not be empty spots when it’s crowded, but you can walk around and look at the beautiful plants before coming back later.


Are Dogs Allowed?

You can bring your furry companion with you while you enjoy the flowers. They don’t have to be service animals to be allowed to stroll on the grounds. Additionally, make sure that your dog is on a leash before going anywhere near the trails surrounded by flowers. There are some days when you can’t bring your dog for a stroll, specifically during particular events. Please pick up after your four-legged friend when visiting the trails during spring or any other time of year. You should bring along your supplies for that, especially in the summer.

If you have a different pet you want to bring to the trails by the ponds, be sure to contact the staff and ask them. They’ll still most likely accept service animals in their Austin parks that aren’t dogs. Even if your companion is well-behaved around the blooming flora, you need to make sure they’re allowed there in the first place. This location on Barton Springs Rd, Austin might have particular limitations due to other current regulations. There aren’t any animals on their land that would be a threat to your pet besides the companions other guests could bring. This attraction is a great place to walk your dog because of the beautiful plants and the peaceful setting.

Austin Botanical Garden – Getting in

The Zilker Botanical Garden is 25 acres of vast vegetation and various sections. If you’re getting worn down by the excitement of the city, this jewel of an attraction would be a relaxing shift to your busy life. You must make reservations to see the waterfalls and other areas, though. There are limitations to how many people can visit this jewel of the Zilker Metropolitan Park at once for social distancing purposes. When you get your spot, they’ll let you and your kids in at the designated time guaranteed. Those who happen to visit the Zilker Metropolitan Park here in Texas should give this garden a look.