Extended Stay – Convenient and Comfortable

Help Families Transition to a New City

Moving is stressful even when you are staying in the same city. Uprooting a family to relocate across the country or the world can wreak havoc on everyone’s emotions. Yet, taking advantage of opportunities is worth the sacrifice. Finding the right neighborhood in which to buy a home may be one of the hardest parts of the entire adventure.

Handle a long-distance move better when you choose extended stay housing from Smallwood Corporate Housing. Our communities are the perfect place to get a feel for new areas when families transition. We help corporations and families find just the right community to ease into this significant change in their life.

How Extended Stay Housing Simplifies Transitions

Making the leap to move from a beloved home to a foreign city, state, or country does not need to set everyone on edge. Show your employees that you take their concerns into consideration when you choose extended stay housing. Here are a few ways it eases this huge transition:

  • Children get to be prepared ahead of time. The ones who may suffer the most are the kids. They have friends, their schools, and lots of family supporting them. Moving can shake things up a bit too much. They can be better prepared for the move by knowing they will have an extended stay home to put their belongings. It is a great opportunity to lessen their stress levels.
  • Employees and their families can get back to normal routines as quickly as possible. Routines are important not only for kids but also for adults. We all feel “off” when we are out of the norm. Extended stay apartments let families get back to feeling “normal” when they can still read a story and have a quick snuggle before bed.
  • It’s a great opportunity to meet neighbors and get a “feel” for the new location. There is no better way to learn what a new city has than by asking the locals. By talking to neighbors, your employees can quickly find out the best neighborhoods and schools for them to house hunt.
  • They can find opportunities to plug into the community. Volunteering offers amazing opportunities to give back. It also helps people find a sense of belonging. Using extended stay housing gives your relocating team member the chance to put down some roots and plug in to their new city.

Work with a Reliable Extended Stay Housing Company

Ease the stress and strain of moving away from the familiar when you offer extended stay housing for your employees and their families. Smallwood Corporate Housing knows the areas in which we operate. We can aid in the settling process by providing tips and suggestions to getting the most out of their new location. We also make the process easier on your company with convenient locations and flexible terms. Give us a call and experience outstanding customer service.

Contact our experienced and friendly staff for all your extended stay housing needs. We’re everywhere. Where do you need to be?