Corporate Housing Solutions for Professionals

Boost Employee Morale when Traveling for Business

Business travelers are experts in packing light and navigating airports and highways as they do their job. Leaving their families to head out of town is part of the package. But, being forced to stay in a hotel room, cramped for weeks or months at a time should not be. Give your teams something to cheer about when you lease corporate housing from Smallwood Corporate Housing. Our friendly staff stands ready to assist you in finding the right locations in the cities to which your employees need to travel. We offer a level of unparalleled service to ensure the comfort and convenience you and your staff deserve.

Why Corporate Housing Helps Your Business

Many companies fail to realize the stress placed upon their employees when they are forced to live in a hotel. Corporate housing options demonstrate to your team that you take their comfort and care seriously. Here are a few ways it can help boost your business:

  • Shows your employees you care: Being forced to live out a suitcase for days at a time may be doable. Having to do it for weeks or months is not. With a corporate housing unit, your team will be able to unpack and store the suitcase, giving them a sense of home-away-from-home. The result is a happier employee who sticks around longer and does a better job!
  • Saves your company money: Instead of keeping track of a myriad of hotels, corporate housing offers you the opportunity to reserve apartments at tremendous savings compared to costly and limited hotel rooms. You will always have a place to house your employees while they are out on the road.
  • Works for a variety of industries: Many people picture top-level executives or salespeople kicking back on the sofa of a corporate apartment. You might be surprised that this type of housing is also a fantastic solution for construction crews, insurance adjusters, and military personnel.
  • Makes life easier on the road: Your team can easily transition from work to “home” when they open the door to their corporate apartment. For example, with equipped kitchens, they can enjoy home-cooked meals, or they can keep up with their exercise regimen in the gym. Each community is conveniently located and designed to include amenties, making life on the road pleasant and enjoyable.

Choose a Trustworthy Corporate Housing Company

Make things more convenient and comfortable for your business travelers and your company budget when you choose to work with Smallwood Corporate Housing. Our staff assists you in finding the best communities with the right amenities to make life on the road better. With convenient locations and easy check-in and check-out procedures, you will be glad you called us.

Contact our experienced and friendly staff for all your corporate housing needs. Because…we’re everywhere. Where do you need to be?