Dallas is the sort of city which has it all – tradition and modernity, education and culture. It is home to some of the most extraordinary museums, capturing the Holocaust, aviation history, the art scene, and more.

You can explore the arts, or delve into key historic moments of our past and see how a city comes to terms with tragedy after the assassination of President John F Kennedy.

Read on to see why you should visit Dallas, and all of the many exhibitions, sculpture parks, and galleries that are on offer.  If you are visiting, check out our Dallas Corporate Rentals or Dallas Furnished apartments today.

Why visit Dallas?

Dallas is an up-and-coming city in Texas – it has managed to hold onto its roots while embracing change, making this a city that has something for everyone.

Dallas is packed full of activities for all the family, offering the most exciting museum trips and beautiful green spaces to explore.

The Best Museums in Dallas, Texas

We have collated the best museums that Dallas has to offer for you to explore. From art to science and to aviation, there is sure to be something for everybody. Have a look at our list and see what you find.

1. The Sixth Floor Museum

In 1963, the course of history was changed forever when Lee Harvey Oswald took that fatal shot that assassinated President John F Kennedy. Now, this area in Dealey Plaza, near Downtown Dallas, has been made into a museum.

The sixth Floor takes its visitors back to the 1960s, and what political movements were taking place. It then focuses on 1963, where you can explore the final days of JFK’s presidency, how events of November 1963 transpired, and the initial aftermath of the shooting.

You will also be able to spot a replica of Lee Harvey Oswald’s sniper and his perch, a no doubt unnerving yet insightful experience for all who go.

2. The Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Designed by Thom Mayne, the architecture of this museum will mesmerize you before you’ve even walked through the door.

It is home to a variety of exhibits, from engineering to stargazing, and is a great day out for all the family. It takes you through natural history and science, in a way that is easy to navigate and enjoyable.

3. The African American Museum

This underrated African American museum is a celebration of modern and contemporary art, along with a series of lectures and talks on offer about slavery and civil rights.

The African American museum displays a wonderful collection of cultural materials, with insightful events put on for its visitors. It is great for an intimate and focused experience, where you are able to delve into African American folk art and history.

4. The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

The Dallas Holocaust museum was founded by survivors from the Holocaust in 1984 and is used to educate those who visit it on genocide, how we have come to terms with the past, and how human rights issues are dealt with in present day.

It ensures an insightful, yet sobering experience, through its display of artifacts used during the Holocaust alongside testimonies of those who lived through it.

5. Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art is one of the best art museums Texas has to offer. It is one of the biggest in the US, with collections including, but not limited to European, Contemporary, African, and Asian art.

Home to a great deal of European artwork, in particular, the collections of the Dallas Museum of Art are sure to amaze any visitor. This museum is central to the Dallas Arts District, a hub of culture and creativity, and various other museums for you to enjoy.

6. The Dallas Contemporary

The Dallas Contemporary Art Museum is void of all pomp and pretension but instead is filled with exhibits ranging from the bizarre and unnerving, to the exciting and enlightening.

Best of all, this museum is free, so it is the best way to get lost for an afternoon without spending money.

7. The Frontiers of Flight Museum

Just steps away from the Love Field airport is the Frontiers of Flight Museum – a perfect place to let your inner aviation nerd fly as you explore the aircraft, galleries, and get lost in aviation history.

The Frontiers of Flight museum is suited for aircraft lovers and those new to the world of aviation alike, and there is sure to be something for everyone.

8. Meadows Museum

This particular museum can be found on the campus of Southern Methodist University and is home to great collections of Spanish art.

The exhibitions on offer here range from the likes of Picasso and El Greco, as well as many less well-known sculptors that will be sure to impress any visitor to the Meadows Museum.

9. Crow Museum of Asian Art

The Crow Museum is home to a great collection of Asian art from Japanese paintings and the jades of China, gathered by Trammell Crow from his travels throughout Asia.

The galleries are placed in a beautiful setting, and lets you gaze at the Seated Daoist Deity fountain as you pass between them.

10. The Nasher Sculpture Center

The Nasher Sculpture Center displays a permanent collection of Henry Matisse nudes, alongside various other collections and exhibitions which change occasionally throughout the year.

A range of artwork can be seen at the Center, from drawing to architecture and more. Wandering around the scenic sculpture garden is a wonderful way to spend a day in the sun.